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Online sales of RSD releases

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I've never ordered from this site deejay.de but they're apparently receiving a few RSD Paranorman that will ship May 5 and you can pre-order now. Here's how they've listed it.



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Thanks! Just took a chance and ordered. However, I just checked out using PayPal but I didn't have to pay yet. From what I can tell, they don't send you payment information until the item is in stock and rather, they just "reserve" it for you initially. Am I correct?


Also, has anyone ordered from deejay.de before? They seem like a pretty legitimate company based on their website and their social media numbers.

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Just received this email from Bullmoose:



Hello and thank you for placing an order on www.bullmoose.com. If you are one of our new customers, welcome! If you have ordered before, it’s nice to see you again.

Due to a huge number of orders this week, customer service is a little backed up. The quickest way to check on the status of an order is to log on to your account. Go to My Account then expand the Order History section by clicking on the little white + on the right side of the screen. If your status says “packaged,” it has been packed up and may even be in the mail. We will put a tracking button there when the tracking information is live. Sometimes this takes a day or two. Please note that your order may be shipped in several packages.

Order Received means that we haven’t packaged your order. A bunch of us worked all night last night to keep up with all the orders. We still have a bunch to go, so don’t worry yet! However, if you ordered one of the limited edition Record Store Day items, we might run out before we get to your order. We are going through all the orders right now and will contact you if we won’t be able to ship your order.

Thanks again,

The crew @ Bull Moose


It doesn't appear that they are going in the order in which people placed their orders.

Also, I didn't send them any email to prompt this message from them.

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