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PO: Dessa - Castor, The Twin (Regular, Non-RSD)

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great news! i missed out on the white copies they had online. they really need to put a repress of the doomtree s/t on their to-do list


whenever vinyl is mentioned in interviews, they sound like they have pressing up material that hasn't gotten the treatment in the back of their minds. hopefully getting "ipecac neat" on wax at some point is on the top of my list though.

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I love the reworked songs on this album way more than Badly Broken Code. That live band sounds so tight, I'd have killed to see the live tour for this record. I managed to get a copy when Doomtree put some up for order but I'm glad they are making this widely available.


i'd bet on her sticking with the live band for a while still for tours. i'm pretty sure most of her players were the ones doing the instrumentation on the album. definitely check her out next time she rolls through. she's really progressed as far as her stage presence goes and they put on an amazing show.

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for the european folks: it looks like HHV.de now has the white RSD variant in stock: http://www.hhv.de/shop/de/artikel/dessa-of-doomtree-castor-the-twin-358743


price is a little steep but its actually cheaper for me in germany than ordering it from doomtrees store.

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