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PO NOW: The Story So Far - Songs Of... 10" - Out 6/17/14 via Pure Noise

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The Story So Far will release Songs Of The Story So Far an Acoustic EP on June 17th, 2014. It was recorded at Nu-Tone studios in Pittsburg, California by engineers Ben Hirschfield and Scott Goodrich. Songs Of will be released on 10″ vinyl, CD, and digitally. Preorders will be available soon. You can catch The Story So Far on the Main Stage on the entire Vans Warped Tour.

Track List

1. The Glass

2. Navy Blue

3. All Wrong

4. Bad Luck

5. Waiting in Vain (Bob Marley Cover)


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Well I enjoy the music, the band is from my area and it's cool to see how far they've come over the years. I can tell you right now Jake is not the kind of guy to press records just to make a quick buck. Of course he has to make a profit, but he makes the most money off digital sales. The reason there are so many pressings is because TSSF records are very in demand right now. If you go onto the Pure Noise webstore you can see that the three pressings left on the site are close to selling out. and they are all out of 2000. Pair that with the fact that the band needs records to sell on tour also. He's just making sure there's no lag time in between pressings. Nothing wrong with that.

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He wouldn't keep pressing records that have no demand, so obviously the album is doing well. Why not continue pressing it if people want it? I really don't see the big deal, but to each there own.


I think what he is saying is why not wait until a pressing sells out before ordering/putting up the next. So the record would always be available but just one pressing at a time. If you have three variants up you might as well make it the same pressing.

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not that WYDS is terrible but there was literally zero progress made between USAD and WYDS. i can't tell half the songs apart. incredibly disappointing. band is trending downward for me despite their tumblr popularity.

I'd have to disagree. At first listening to WYDS I was a bit underwhelmed as I was expecting more impactful songs like quicksand, roam, placeholder etc. Though, listening to it again without any expectations and bias; the songs on WYDS really grew on me and I personally see the songs on it structured very well and to some extent overall a little better than USAD. Very interested on how they do from here on.

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