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Hey guys. There was a thread about this already, graciously made by another poster, but I just wanted to throw up a new thread that goes a little deeper into this release, for anyone interested. Let me also say thank you so much to anyone who has picked up a pre-order for this record and has been supporting the band. We really appreciate it.


We have a new 7" coming out with Bridge 9 Records called "A Place Beyond". It is a three song 7" that has three exclusive songs that will not be on the LP. One song, "Timeline", is on the LP, but in a different version. This 7" only version includes guest vocalists Pat Flynn (Have Heart), Brian Connors (Caught in a Crowd), and Sweet Pete (In My Eyes). Lyrically, the song deals with the feelings associated with getting into the hardcore scene, how you feel once you've been involved for a while, and finally dealing with how it feels to be in the hardcore scene as an adult. The 7" is limited to only 500 copies with a screen printed logo on one side in three different colors. Each layout includes a hand adhered 4x6 unique b/w photo. I put all of these together myself with photo corners to make it look more like a photo album. It is pictures of our trip to Mexico and Central America at the end of 2013. It is pictures of things we saw, friends we made, bands we played with and just us hanging out. It is not live pictures of our band. Actually, there isn't even one of those. We are really excited about this 7" as a pre-cursor to our first LP with Bridge 9.

The 7" is up for pre-order now and officially out on May 20. The LP will be out in July, just before our European tour (July 24 - August 10).

We also have a new shirt that you can pick up with the pre-order. Again, we appreciate the support, and we hope you guys dig the new song! Thank you for reading all of this.


Please follow our Facebook for updates!  www.facebook.com/testoftimehc




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