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FS; Emo, Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Indie, Goth

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I've been clearing out a lot of the things I don't listen to or have multiple copies of send me some offers! I will ship in mailers! I will send pictures if you would like them!
I'll also trade for the Deftones Hot Topic presses of White Pony and their self titled album!

Pianos Become The Teeth - The Lack Long After - (Green/White 2nd Press /500)

Pianos Become The Teeth - Old Pride (Transparent Amber 3rd Press /300)

Full Of Hell - Rudiments Of Mutilation - (Pink/Clear Split Second Press /300)

Full Of Hell - Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home - (White/Clear Split Third Press /500)

Shai Huld - Misanthropy Pure - (Gold 1213/2000)

Crime In Stereo - The Troubled Stateside - (White First Press /1300)

Crime In Stereo - Selective Wreckage - (Black/White First Press /2300)

Bane - Holding This Moment - (Green /500)

The Geeks - Every Time We Fall - (Green First Press /250)

Operation Ivy - Hectic EP - (Clear Hot Topic Press /500)

Orchid - Ebullition - (Black)

Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse In Reason - (Black 1987 Press)

G.B.H - The Clay Years 1981 To 1984 - (Black 1986 Press)

G.B.H - No Need To Panic - (Black 1987 Press)

Descendents - Milo Goes To College (Black SST Repres)

Modest Mouse - Good News For The People Who Love Bad New - (Black 180Gram Repress)

Lemonheads - Creator - (Black)

Pavement - Slanted And Enchanted - (Black Repress)

The Beatles - Abbey Road - (Black Repress)

Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks Heres The Sex Pistols (Black Repress)

The Clash - Give 'Em Enough Rope - (Black Repress)

Bauhaus - In The Flat Field - (Black Repress)

The Jesus & Mary Chain - Psycho Candy - (Black Repress)

Crystal Castles - III - (Black)

Mumford & Sons - Babel - (Black)



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