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SS: Gifts fro Enola, Saddest Landscape, Stars (last chance)

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Getting rid of some duplicates and things I just don't listen to as much I figured I would. Let's say the prices are PPD in the continental US. Better deals the more you buy, or you can even try to make offers if you like. If nothing special is noted, the record is Plain Jane Black™. Also willing to trade if you want to look through my mess of a discogs wantlist. I'm open to other things as well if you just think you have something I'd be interested in. I usually throw in drawing, prints, cds or whatever in packages I send out to keep things fun.


Non American people, I'll have to look into shipping info for you. I'll want it registered or tracked somehow so we know it's getting to you or if it gets hung up somewhere along the road/sea/sky we can see where. It will probably be fairly pricey, and I'm sorry for that. If it was up to me we'd be one big Pangea and things could be a little easier.




$20 Gifts from Enola - A Healthy Fear

(translucent yellow w/ blue haze, should be cleaned before each playing as per all Pirates Press hazes)

$30 The Saddest Landscape - After the Lights

(half red, half clear release show version with screen print, 48/50)

I can add in the A/B disc of All is Apologized

$15 Stars - In Our Bedroom After the War

(w/ Stars iron on w/ instructions, may have been a preorder extra?)




$18 Touche Amore

(coke bottle blue)

$18 You Blew It! / The Saddest Landscape - SXSW 2012 Promo Single

(mixed vinyl, marbled blue-ish)

$20 Botch - Anthology of Dead Ends

$70 Manchester Orchestra+O'Brother / Thrice

(clear, 316/500)

$80 La Dispute - Vancouver

(white w/ red splatter)

$40 La Dispute - Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega And Altair

(LP1cream, LP2black, blank d-side, and 1st press so it has the silent section in Last, Lost Continent)

$70 La Dispute - Wildlife

(clear Deluxe w/ lots of extra stuff including a set of beautiful 12x12 prints, a tote bag, and a special mailer)

$50 The Saddest Landscape - After the Lights

(Test Pressing, 20/20)

$15 Touche Amore - Is Survived by

(Transparent Light Blue)

$20 Invisible Children Comp (Frank Turner, Johah Mantranga, Banquets, Lemuria)

(Test Press, 14/20)


Thread is now obsolete. Thanks to those who bought stuff.

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Someone grab that GFE!

I may be driving people off due to the description, but just to clarify it plays fine. It's just that I've never replaced the sleeves so the Pirates Press haze always leaves some vinyl dust in the grooves when resleeved. That's why it needs cleaning each time or new sleeves. Pretty common thing, actually.

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Also sorry for double posting my same thread, but I wish I had those Derek or sharkiton design skills to show you how great each disc looks for each individual thing.


EDIT: Also accidentally put Thursday in the title though those records are currently at my mom's place, so I didn't list them. I do plan on selling the Hot Topic reissues of War All of the Time and A City by the Lights Divided, but don't want to officially list them due to not having them on hand right now. Also may put up Chariot - Long Live, but I need to listen to that one again to decide whether it stays or goes.

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It's a pressing error or something, like a three seconds of silence. How the first press tests got through like that is strange. They must have not been paying attention at all by the end when they originally approved those. As far as I know every pressing after the first doesn't have the gap of silence. Just a quirky novelty of the first press now.


Anyway, I've been waiting for one member who wanted all of the La Dispute and 7"s to respond back to me. If they don't get back to me by the end of today, I guess I'll get back to those of you who have PM'd me. Sorry to leave any of you hanging.


EDIT: The deal fell through, so plenty of things left and now not pending. All pending items are up to date as of now and I think I got to all of the PMs about about things. If anything is not pending and you sent me a PM about it, I must have overlooked it, so if you could check in that would help the both of us.

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