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FS: Basement, Daylight, Restorations, TSSF, Old Gray, DADS

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Looking to move a few things to make room for new stuff. Make me offers on the stuff here. Check out my tradelist too. Maybe I'd be willing to let some of that other stuff go as well.



DADS - Woman EP - 384/1000 - Red RSD 2014

Old Gray/Tiny Moving Parts - Split - /200 - Light Blue

Soul Control - Get Out Now - /600 - Black

Stick To Your Guns/The Story So Far - Split - /1000 - Cream/Clear/Electric Blue Tri Color



Balance and Composure - Separation - /1000 - Yellow

Balance and Composure - The Things We Think Were Missing - /1000 - Clear Fuchsia (Hot Topic Exclusive) (NEVER PLAYED)

Basement - Colourmeinkindness - /700 - Electric Blue

Common - The Dreamer, The Believer - /? - Black RSD 2012 (NEVER PLAYED)

Daylight - Jar - /300 - Black

Half Hearted Hero - Whatever - /200 - White

Restorations - LP2 - /600 - Yellow/White Swirl

The Story So Far - What You Don't See - /2000 - Clear with Ox Blood Splatter

The Tallest Man On Earth - King of Spain - /2000 - Black RSD 2012

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