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FS: All kinds of Stuff (3DS $95ppd, 2 PSPs, Pokemon Y w/ sooooo many Pokemon)

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Got a good opportunity to get a hard to find record and need some funds. I figured I'd least throw this stuff on here since I know some of you guys are gamers as well. Feel free to negotiate any prices.


Game Systems:

Flame Red 3DS (Great Condition, few bump-ups. Works perfectly. Comes with Pokemon Trozei, Carrying Case that holds 6 games, and a Charger.) - $95ppd

PSP-1001 (Condition description upon PM. Works, just has some blemishes - $10ppd

PSP-3001 (Condition description upon PM. Works, with blemishes - Includes 64GB memory stick)-$30ppd



Game Memorabilia:

Kingdom Hearts - Kingdom Key Replica Keyblade - Quality PVC - $80ppd (PM for pics)

Kingdom Hearts - Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Promo Gamestop Poster - $15ppd (small tear at bottom)


Pokemon Y -  This game has over 600 Pokemon. All legitimate, and includes a ton of Event Pokemon, and 90% of the legendary Pokemon. About 7-8 legitimate shiny Pokemon are in here, along with every starter and several EV trained competition level Pokemon. So, with all that said, I'm asking $45ppd. 

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Alright, are these "competition level" Pokémon bred/RNG abused for good IVs (5 IVs+)?  Are these Pokémon Kalos native (pentagon)?  Need some details.  Thanks!

Bred for good IVs, brought up from being raised in Black 2. Some examples are Garchomp, Metagross, Alakazam, Kangaskhan.. PM me for more info.

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