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Manchester Orchestra Represses

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Thanks, grabbed it. I've had this album on my wishlist since around 2012. Never picked up any of the represses because with international shipping and tax it was always more than I wanted to spend. This was WAY more now, but it's the best looking package yet and the extra tracks definitely help sell it. Glad I can finally cross this one off. :D

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4 minutes ago, rcafilm said:

Do we know what the tracklist is? Is disc 1 just the standard album? I have the last pressing they did of this and my only complaint is a touch of IGD, so I would be real tempted to pick this up if they spread the standard album across 3 sides instead of just 2.


1. The Only One

2. Shake It Out 

3. I've Got Friends

4. Pride

5. In My Teeth

6. 100 Dollars 

7. I Can Feel a Hot One

8. My Friend Marcus

9. Tony the Tiger

10. Everything to Nothing

11. The River

12. Jimmy, He Whispers


1. Anne Louise 

2. It’s Okay With Me 

3. Do You Really Like Being Alone 

4. Shake It Out (Alternate Version) 

5. Go 

6. Pride (Demo) 

7. In My Teeth (Demo) 

8. Tony The Tiger (Demo) 

9. I Can Feel A Hot One (Demo) 

10. Everything To Nothing (Demo) 

11. Jimmy, He Whispers (Demo)

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