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Ambient Related Releases (Drone, Field Recording, Neo-Classical, Experimental)

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This man is amazing, an artist and producer….Sadly when moving him and his wife across country he got his ENTIRE UHAUL stolen, with thousands of dollars in equipment, instruments, records…including there entire HOUSE! So sad, so supporting him would be awesome...


RAFAEL ANTON IRISARRI ( also goes by The Sight Below, on Ghostly Records)

His newest album is The Unintentional Sea:


Buy: http://www.amazon.com/Unintentional-Sea-Rafael-Anton-Irisarri/dp/B00GX7WM00/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1403654219&sr=8-2&keywords=rafael+anton+irisarri



He is also known for doing the project ORCAS with Benoit Pioulard:



Orcas is highly recommended, both their self-titled debut as well as the new LP Yearlings: Initial copies were on White Vinyl, sold out! 



It looks like someone has a copy in USA reasonable on Discogs, but not 100% sure its white, id message first! This album is one of this years best! 

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GREAT call on that Kwaidan album. A real step up from the first release (which was, admittedly, a recording of a live performance) in terms of creativity and insight. The Cleared stuff isn't bad either, but I'm finding Andre's solo work to be the most interesting of the works of the 3 Locrian gents.

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Check this record out! Recommended if you like Saåad, Black Swan, Barn Owl, ambient drone etc.

Equal Stones - Transgression (Hidden Vibes HV025, 2014)
Stream/Download/ LP purchase link - http://hiddenvibes.bandcamp.com/album/transgression


"Transgression" is a third release on Hidden Vibes by Amandus Schaap, an ambient producer from the Netherlands also active on the Myosotis project.

When Amandus put together the setlist to this release he had a lot of tracks already finished, laying about. He decided to go with a drone theme this time around. The tracks on Transgression are mainly built up from multilayered synths accompinied with a lot of microsounds, statics, vinyl sampling, scrapes and minimal guitar textures, alot of these slightly hidden in the high register. There are some vocal patterns holding the melody in place, but most of the experience is built upon textures.

The idea for the title of the third track, Reject All You Have Learned, comes from a quote of one of musician's favorite philisophers Emil M. Cioran. "Chaos is rejecting all you have learned, chaos is being yourself." This track is a lenghty experiment in which Amandus tries to give form to the chaos he experiences in life.

This album really shines when you take off your headphones and listen to the tracks on a well equipped stereo setup.

The vinyl version of Transgression comes on virgin 180 grams vinyl, and comes in a gatefold sleeve with beautiful artwork designed and produced by Tessel Dekker.


Some reviews:


Cheers ;)

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Ya Kwaidan was definatly a breath of fresh air for me! Really love that one!

Also on that Locrian trip, my favorite colaboration album is a MUST hear if you dont know it already


Locrian & Mamiffer - Bless Them That Curse You


I think you can still purchase it from the Sige online store

yeah this is awesome.

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M. Geddes Gengras - Ishi 

(ambient, drone, synth)





Ishi is a 3-track, 35-minute album with a bonus track on CD and digital format. The vinyl contains a download card with all four tracks. VINYL: 180 gram, tip-on sleeve, download card. Vinyl ships July 8.


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ANYTHING by GREG HAINES is fantastic! His newest album is 

Where We Were on Denovali records (Classical, Ambient) 


http://denovali.com/greghaines/   preview tons of his stuff here! 

Purchase: http://denovali.com/shop/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=greg+where+were


ALSO my buddy Peter Broderick and Greg Haines new album: 


Erased Tapes Records (ambient, dubstep, neoclassical) 





Primarily inspired by mine and Greg's recent obsession with dub music, Greg Gives Peter Space is a mini album comprised of six tracks filled with – you guessed it – spacey sounds, created with the help of Greg's ever-growing collection of synthesizers,  tape delays and reel-to-reel machines. In the true spirit of dub music, many of the mixes were made live, both of us hovering over the mixing board, dancing around and following our intuitions, processing the sounds with live effects while the music bounced down to tape., We are extremely excited to release this record in the summer time and to celebrate with a few select shows around Europe. We've enlisted our dear friend Martyn Heyne to help us perform the music live, and we plan on bringing as much of the original gear from the recordings as possible. After years of playing fairly quiet music for an often seated audience, we can't wait to get on stage and bounce around to some groovy rhythms,  heavy bass and spacey synthesizers. Prepare for take-off! “ – Peter Broderick,  April 2014

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Anyone else stumbled on any other good releases from this year? Patiently awaiting the AWVFTS full length.

I'm kinda into OPN's Commissions 1, but I find it a challenging listen at times. At least the last track, hah.


They're pretty well-known releases I suppose (though not mentioned in this thread yet), but I've been really digging the Sunn/Ulver collab and Bohren's latest album. Especially Bohren's latest album, actually. I've been playing the hell out of it both on my stereo and in the car (vinyl comes with a CD copy).


Ulver also released another "collab" in late 2013 with a Norwegian orchestra, if you missed it. Another one on heavy rotation for me. 

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THE BEST LABEL for Ambient related music: SONIC PIECES releases their first LP in a new series called, Pattern....


Its a Laser Etched cover that reveals the inner sleeve painting. New music from DEAF CENTER - Recount


2 long tracks. I just got mine in the mail, (there was a private preorder for some people) but it went up today! Act fast as most Sonic Pieces releases sell out in a day or two. This one doesn't appear to be limited to 350-400 like most of their releases so may last longer! 


Yes, they are pricey, but its a boutique style label with handmade packaging and superb presses! 





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