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Ambient Related Releases (Drone, Field Recording, Neo-Classical, Experimental)

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I just discovered this album on Bandcamp and am slightly blown away, this is so cool! Seriously loving it.

”A brain-melter from Belgium’s Joeri Chipsvingers, this album goes full Beefheart on contemporary classical music, turning it inside out.”

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Absolutely love this thread! Listened to angry aggressive rock music most of my life, got pretty heavy into ambient space music a few years ago. Started making some of my own with 5K visuals.


The first "album" was a collection of meditation or relaxing beats that I made while getting familiar with the software. Currently working on a new "album" of shorter tracks. Would love to put something out on vinyl eventually.


Open to any comments, questions or feedback.






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Jo Johnson (ex-Huggy Bear, now doing ambient and drone music) has kept reducing the cost of her only solo LP on vinyl, Weaving, which is a gloriously lovely album, one of the best synth-based ambient works I've heard in the last decade (which is saying something).

There are 6 copies left, at  £8 each. Totally worth the price of admission.


P.S. She's released a bunch of digital-only mini-LPs/EPs this year (more drone-noise vibes), and now they're at PWYC prices.

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2 hours ago, Karpatenhunde77 said:

Very relaxing. I've actually gotten into making some ambient music myself recently and started a blog. Never heard of KBD before today, but I've shared a post on my blog with a link to the vinyl. Hope this is ok!


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14 minutes ago, radiatorhums said:

An argument could be made that he focuses on quantity over quality, but I really enjoy so much of his work.  A $21 record in 2021 – that’s how you do it.

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19 minutes ago, radiatorhums said:

I feel similarly, but I'm always happy see a new release from him.  Something getting a physical release perks my ears up even more.

They’re far and few, definitely.

This is more an EP than anything else – comically short for a Celer release, anyway – but I’ll gladly support him and PITP / A1KA when given the chance.

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Temporary Residence is having a sale today on their Bandcamp page for "dented" LP's.  Several Explosions In The Sky titles are included.


There's also a colored repress of William Basinski's Lamentations up there today in a limited edition of 500.



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