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Official LTJ Thread

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38 for both shipped is awesome! Seeing them in NYC next month for the Rockview show, I talked to Buddy like two years ago at warped tour and he was saying they were in the process of trying to get these pressed but he wasn't sure when they'd be out. He also said they want to do a box set of studio albums. Then he rubbed it on my face that he had all og presses of their discography.

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When I saw this topped, I rolled my eyes and thought "just fucking repress losing streak!" and clicked on it to see what new stuff they were putting out (I haven't cared for LTJ since the 90s). So I'm pretty psyched that they actually are. Picked up Rockview too because I have the 7" box and it can be a pain to play. 

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Don't want to rehash an old thread or start a new one but they posted "We have a VERY special pre-order starting Monday Feb 8th @ 2pm EST via http://lessthanjake.limitedrun.com/ Hmmm, what could it be......." They seemed to only like my comment which was "I hope its vinyl represses of your earlier albums (i.e. Pezcore, Hello Rockview, Losing Streak, etc...)". Soooo just throwing that out there.

Thank you! Awesome news for a Monday! I'm sure I will forget by May and be surprised again!
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Got the red and green, 38$ was too good of a price to pass up.


Seriously impressed with the speed these are disappearing.  Wow.  I think Rockview is totally gone (shows avail, but can't check out).  I would have never known about these w/out VC, so thanks folks.  (Grabbed the splits earlier)

Glad I was able to grab these, thanks rapidfire!

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