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PO: Henrietta - The Trick Is Not Minding

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Very excited to release Henrietta's The Trick Is Not Minding on August 26thPre-Order now at https://animalstyle.nosleeprecords.com/product/7285/the-trick-is-not-minding-lp


/100 Orange/Yellow, /100 Opaque Blue,  /100 210gram Black, /200 White


• RIYL: Minus The Bear, From Indian Lakes, Circa Survive, Balance And Composure, Braid
You can stream the first track, 2,000 Miles, now. 




Some bands slap themselves together in a reckless summer night; constructed with excitement and spontaneity and the sort of sweat that drips in cluttered basements, they are often appreciated more for their abandon than their magnitude. But then there are bands like Orlando, FL’s Henrietta, who somehow manage to bottle the sparkle of their inception and nurture it into something that burns both brighter and longer—an inferno compared to a firecracker. Henrietta is powerful because they chose to perfect their art, to kindle a forceful fire, rather than light the fuse and smile at the bang it made. Six years since the band’s inception, The Trick Is Not Minding is a debut full-length well worth the wait.


The band has a summer tour upcoming with Echo Base. Dates listed below.


Henrietta / Echo Base Summer Tour
AUG 02: Dothan, Alabama @ The Shed
AUG 03: Memphis, Tennessee @ TBA
AUG 04: Nashville, Tennessee @ Exponent Manor
AUG 05: St. Louis, Missouri @ Fubar
AUG 06: Bloomington, Indiana TBA
AUG 07: Chicago, Illinois @ TBA
AUG 08: Kalamazoo, Michigan @ Fat Guy Fest
AUG 09: Grand Rapids, Michigan @ House of Pancakes
AUG 10: Cleveland, Ohio @ Mosh Eisley
AUG 11: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania @ Star Command
AUG 12: Hawthorne, New Jersey @ TBA
AUG 13: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania @ The Fire 
AUG 14: Alexandria, Virginia @ The Lab
AUG 15: Virginia Beach, Virginia @ TBA
AUG 16: Chapel Hill, North Carolina @ Chapel Hill Underground
AUG 17: Charleston, South Carolina @ TBA
AGU 18: Savannah, Georgia @ The Bomb Shelter

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