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For all you goons that have been talking about a Zelda release


I'd hop on it ASAP, may seem sketchy but dudes legit, already got the Megaman soundtrack he did before this and its really awesome stuff.

I've been thinking about hopping on it, but I don't like Zelda II one bit.. I obviously wouldn't play those, but UGH, I just can't pull the trigger.

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I would definitely hop on it soon, he put them up for payment last week i think, and a lot of those nintendo guys are buying multiple copies each for collectors purposes.

I dont have a account but still messaged the guy on etsy to try and get one. Kinda pissed i didnt see the mega man one before it sold out

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Not for nothin but it only takes like 2 minutes to put in a custom order. I'm sure most of us have gone through more annoying situations to get records, and however small it is, at least he is making a somewhat conscious effort to get this into the hands of the people that really want it.

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Well he might be doing a repress of the Megaman one some time in the future. He also is currently working on the Castlevania soundtrack, and apparently his 5th release will be Ninja Gaiden.

AWESOME News! Could not sign up for a NA account but sent a custom order anyways. Looking forward to this since I grew up on these games.

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