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FS: My Entire Collection (Psych/Kraut/Metal/Doom/Experimental/ETC)


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So, change of plans.  I've gotten to the point where having a record collection is just more burden than joy to me.  So I'm going to sell all of it.  


Which is going to be a huge pain in the ass.  


For now, here's the list I've currently got.  I've gone through and deleted the stuff I've sold here over the last couple months, so it should be mostly up to date as far as what I have.  What it is not up to date on is the few hundred records I've bought over the last couple years.  So I'll be working on a "new stuff" list as well over the next couple weeks.




There's a tab for records and a tab for tapes.  It's all for sale.  Sorry for the link, but there's a ton of stuff there, and this seems to be the best way to do this.


A quick note on how I price - I typically just go over to Discogs and look at what the "normal" reasonable price is, and I also look at what is currently available.  I then knock around 20% off the lower of the two (I should point out there are exceptions to this, though they're typically pretty common sense stuff).  So You'll get good, below market prices from me, but you're not going to have your mind blown or anything.  Most people seem to be happy with the price I give, but I figure being up front here is probably best.


Thanks for looking.  I will eventually work on moving this all to Discogs, but anything I can get rid of here is one thing I don't have to move over there.

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Thanks to everyone who has messaged me so far!  At this point I *believe* I've responded to each and every one of you.  If you're waiting for something from me, please PM me back - I've tried to manage all the messages, but there were a fucking lot of them (thanks!) for a few hours there.


I'm not gonna lie, this is a fantastic list.


Thanks so much!


ahhh "song of the blackbird" is screaming my name but i've definitely spent enough on wax this month... maybe i'll check back in august :)


The Latitudes 12" was the first thing I ever heard by him - and then I got a bit obsessed with him for a year or so.  But, as of now, I don't think I've listened to him in four or five years.  <shrug>  It happens.

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I added a bunch of tapes to the end of the list also - it's mostly stuff that doesn't really fit in here, but I figured it can't hurt to add them, as they mostly just sit on shelves in my house.


*Real quick disclosure on these tapes - I'm about 97% sure this list is up to date, but I think there might be a few on the list that I sold early last year and didn't document.  I'll make sure to verify I have any of these before taking payment though.


***Odd.  When I edited my post a minute ago, and actually deleted some items, it's now telling me the post is too long.  I moved the tapes to a Google doc:




Link is in OP as well.***

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Buy from him. He is more than fair with pricing and an all-around good guy.


Thanks for that!


Two things real quick:


1.  I'm about to use my last mailer - I've got more on order, but there might be a couple day delay on any order that comes in after now (all orders accepted this far are fine).


2.  Unless you just sent me funds in the last five minutes I have mailed all orders out - and messaged everyone with tracking.  If you did not get a message from me, please PM me - I'm pretty certain I got everyone, but don't want anyone falling between the cracks.


Thanks to everyone so far!

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