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I just got one of the best deals of my life.

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look at this. LOOK. I just got Swans: WLFTMOI for 17.99. A 125$+ RECORD IN DECENT CONDITION FOR 18$. Pretty damn hype.


What are some awesome deals that you guys have gotten recent(ish). Also this is my first post, glad to be here with you guys! Been lurking a while, happy to finally join the community lol



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Found a red/blue swirly copy of Nirvana's Hormoaning EP Australian '92 tour-edition at the flea market for 9$ in tripledouble mint condition last year. Still pretty stoked. 

Also had a great ebaydeal couple years ago: UK first press of MBV's  Isn't Anything + now kinda rare Ectsasy EP for 15$ total.

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Satanic Surfers - Hero of Our Time LP on orange for $4.99 in Gainesville


Lawrence Arms - Apathy & Exhaustion LP on green vinyl for $8.80 off GEMM.com back in 2006 or so


Ben Weasel - Fidatevi LP Test Press for $5.00


Blink 182 - Buddha LP - Approved and Rejected test presses of the repress from 2009.  I got both for free because i scanned the original LP artwork and sent it to Kung Fu records, and Joe Escalante sent me them as a thank you.


Millencolin - Melancholy collection LP off amazon for $16.00ppd


Donuts N Glory - I can Pee 7" for  99 cents


Ten Foot Pole - Insider LP Test press off ebay for under $20.00


Teenage Bottlerocket - Live LP used in a shop for $4.99


NOFX - 22 songs... LP on yellow off ebay BIN for under $20.00 (this was many years ago, but ended up selling it for 420ppd)

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