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Pre-order here: https://animalstyle.nosleeprecords.com/product/7301/temporary


Pop-punk may be a young person's game most of the time, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for growth – or for grown-ups. Light Years are here to prove that. The band have graduated from the teenage angst that fuels most of their peers, instead turning their focus to the problems that face them in their mid-20s. I Won’t Hold This Against You, their 2013 debut LP released via Paper + Plastick Records, dwelled on the inescapable past while looking for ways to heal the scars incurred while coming of age. Now working with Animal Style Records, Light Years will release a new five-song EP titled Temporary. The EP, recorded with Will Yip, is a quick, 16-minute blast of blisteringly paced punk-rock showcasing the band sinking their teeth into evolving musicianship and offering up a meaty effort full of hooky choruses, full-bodied guitars and a pounding rhythm section. Temporary is bound to please fans of blink-182, Fenix TX and New Found Glory who are looking for a new undertaking to completely submerge themselves into, rather than a quick listen to forget about later.


New song: http://nothingoriginal.net/post/91750114116/light-years-stream-new-single-fall-apart

1 sided 12" w/screenprinted b-side

Pressing Info
-100 White
-200 Clear
-200 Red


Pre-order here: https://animalstyle.nosleeprecords.com/product/7301/temporary

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This just arrived to my doorstep. The screen print looks really awesome in person.


I'm pretty bummed out though. The package it came in got wet and soaked through, so the jacket has some water damage on the right side, and the vinyl is slightly warped. So far it plays fine though so that's good.

The one day it rains in California this happens haha. I have the worst luck.


Matt, its doubtful but any chance you have any extra jackets laying around you could send me? I would pay for it of course.

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