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BL₳CK L₳KE RECORDS (Aberdeen, Scotland) catch-all

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Joined this forum a couple years ago, but apparently barely ever posted. This is my label. Don't know if any of you will have heard about it before. It's been around since the first quarter of 2012. All my releases so far have been in the punk/emo/hardcore/metal ilk, but that's not through any conscious decision. Should have some really cool records coming out in the next like...6 months.










(also if any other of you labelheads wanna trade/wholesale, here's a brief tradelist for you:


BL019: THIN PRIVILEGE - S/T 12" (noise rock/three one g freak punk from glasgow) [orange & clear // dark blue]
BL018: LÉON - S/T 12" (chaotic screamo from oslo, norway. ex-kaospilot) [white]
BL017: PLAIDS/XAXAXA - SPLIT 10" (90s emo, Drive Like Jehu/Husker Du worship) [red with black splatter 'poppy']
BL016: ALWAYS WANTED WAR - C.R.E.A.M. 10" (screamo/punk from hamburg) [black/black w/ magenta splatter]
BL014: THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE - CONSEQUENCES 12" (french dark hardcore/mathcore) [white w/ black splatter]
BL013: GACYS THREADS / COLLOSUS FALL - SPLIT 7" (irish/swiss blackened hardcore) [clear yellow]
BL012: BRIGHTER ARROWS - DREAMLINER (midwest US emo/screamo) [clear green UK colour only]
BL011: SLOTHS - KNIVES 12" (one sided record from psych-screamo oregonians) [black]
BL010: DIRTDRINKER - s/t 12" (noise rock/punk from Aberdeen, Scotland) [piss yellow]
BL009: CLEARER THE SKY - 'SCOTLAND' 7" (melodic hardcore/post rock from Aberdeen, Scotland) [black]
BL007: ABSOLUTIST/ABEST - SPLIT 7" (irish/scottish sludge crust meets german doomy crust) [black vinyl]
BL006: LOCKTENDER/OAKEN/WOUNDED KNEE/COMA REGALIA - SPLIT 12" (4 US emo/screamo bands play lengthy melodic tracks) [clear orange/lavender/deep purple available]
BL005: FOR WANT OF - S/T CASSETTE (austin, texas old school screamo, repress of 7" on tape) [black tape w/ pad print]
BL004: CORRUPT HUMANITY/CHEMICAL TOMB - SPLIT 7" (blisteringly fast grindcore from edinburgh/portsmouth, 16 tracks!)

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