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14 minutes ago, Eliminator Jr. said:

I'm active over there, too! Vinyl only, my life is too boring to be archived:



I'll vouche for his account, been following for like a couple years probably. Good records, good photos, but more importantly sometimes there's a cat.


Someone commented on an IG post of mine a few months ago asking "is this Brucewillisisdead from VC?" I didn't respond because I was busy and then sort of forgot. So yeah, that's me.

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Hey why not, my IG = villnsandlovrs, everyday stuff (kids, food, vinyl, horror etc) and co-owned pin company = electricgravestudios


On ‎9‎/‎8‎/‎2017 at 6:14 PM, IanRees said:

No vinyl pics but if you like Landscape and Astrophotography give me a follow


can confirm the pictures are awesome

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Moved all my record collection pics to a vinyl only account. Probably wont post for another 3-4 months since i'm bouncing around state to state in an RV and all my records are in storage. Looking forward to following you all on IG til I get back



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