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Get outta debt sale. Almost whole list for sale

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I've said said my piece, I'll buy you dinner.

oh shit i didn't even see your post dude.  been getting to many dings on my phone and it must of got lost in the shuffle. 


that sounds good to me my man.  once my family gets on a schedule i am good to go.  keep hitting up my instagram when your in town.  you have a set up here? 

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Haha yeah i have to update the thread and not sure how to do it easily on mobile.

I have a 5 day old, two 5 yr olds and a wife who cant do much because of her c section so im all over the place. Hoping to update during the browns game.

holy smokes that sounds like a hand full!! No easy way on mobile it's the pits. May still hit you up on alk3. Damn the youngin swooping the Coheed!

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