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Looking for some classic must-haves to add to my young collection. Not looking to spend more than 5-10 for anything so please don't offer your original japanese collector version in the wrap. Really looking to trade; i have some aerosmith, van halen, rolling stones, eagles, lynyrd skynyrd, eric clapton, fleetwood mac, elton john, billy joel, paul mccartney, and john lennon in ok to great condition. 


What I am looking for:

snoop doggy dogg- doggystyle


Nas- illmatic, it was written, i am


snoop dogg- tha doggfather


Notorious B.I.G- ready to die, life after death, notorious


tupac/2pac- thug life, me against the world, all eyez on me, greatest hits


wu-tang clan- enter the wu-tang


eminem- the slim shady lp, the marshall mathers lp


dr. dre- the chronic, the chronic 2001


gang starr- moment of truth, step in the arena


scarface- the untouchable, the diary


ice cube- greatest hits


MF Doom- Operation doomsday


mos def- black on both sides


NWA- straight out of compton


Public enemy- it takes a nation of millions to hold us back







I know this leaks into the 2000's and even a little of the 80's... let me off easy, this is my first post.

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