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We recently just released new albums by Museum Mouth, Late Bloomer, Alright and Viewfinder, which you should check out, but that isn't the point of this update...

The point of this post is to let you know about all of the distro items we recently added to the webstore. We have a really big store, with lots of different genres of DIY punk/indie/hardcore/etc., so I bet we have something for everyone.

We recently received copies of...


Joyce Manor "Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired" 12" LP (Asian Man)- $11.99
Unfun "Shores of Lake Eerie" 12" EP (Dead Broke)- $10.99
Failure's Union "Tethering" 12" LP (Dead Broke)- $10.99
Muscle & Bone "Peace & Light" 12" LP (Black Numbers)- $10.99
This Routine is Hell "Howl" 12" LP (Bitter Melody)- $12.99
Young and in the Way "When Life Comes to Death" 12" LP (Deathwish)- $12.99
Brain F "Empty Set" 12" LP (Sorry State)- $11.99
Bastard "Wind of Pain" 12" LP (Feral Ward)- $15.99
Seven Sisters of Sleep//Children of God "split" 12" LP- $10.99
Integrity "Suicide Black Snake" 12" LP (A389)- $15.99
Plow United "Goodnight Sellout" 12" LP (Dead Broke)- $11.99
Iron Chic "Not Like This" 12" LP (Dead Broke)- $10.99
Hoax "S/T" 12" LP (Self Released)- $14.99


Beach Slang "Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?" 7" EP (Dead Broke)- $4.99
Big Eyes/Post Teens "split" 7" (No Idea)- $4.99
Wild Moth "Mourning Glow" 7" (Asian Man)- $4.99
Milky White "S/T" 7" (Bitter Melody)- $4.99
Dikembe/The Jazz June "split" 7" (Topshelf/Tiny Engines)- $4.99
Young and in the Way//Withdrawal "split" 7" (A389)- $5.50
Nona/Crowbait "split" 7" (Dead Broke)- $4.99


Common Market "Demo" CS (Vile Audio)- $3.99 (features members of No Power)
Nö Pöwer//Chaos Destroy "split" CS (Vile Audio)- $3.99
Caves "Betterment" CS (Dead Broke)- $3.99
Mineral Girls "Something Forever" CS (Self-Released)- $4.99
Ivadell "The Young Design" CS (Bitter Melody)- $4.99 (features members of Discourse)
Sundale "S/T" CS (Bitter Melody)- $3.99



New SA releases

Late Bloomer "Things Change" 12" LP- $11.99
Museum Mouth "Alex I Am Nothing" 12" LP- $11.99
Alright "Sleep Study" CS- $3.99
Viewfinder "Do You Even Want Anything?" CS- $4.50
Old Flings "Spite" 12" LP- $10.99 (3RD PRESSING!!!)

If you have any questions about shipping or any other general inquiries please feel free to email us at [email protected]


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We have a couple new releases coming up, and we are looking to clear some space in the office. It would mean a lot if you checked out some of our label items or distro stuff. Just to see if you are paying attention, anyone who buys things will receive FREE cds, 7"s, and other small goodies. Check out our webstore, help us make some space!!!




Btw, we still have some copies of the starburst version of the Old Flings LP.

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