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RFC / DDW got the last of the Alex G / R.L. Kelly splits, Boy Crush / Starry Cat splits, Porches. / LVL UP splits and Julia Brown 7"s

Looks like these two are still available:



I think LVL UP has some of the Porches. split too, go see em live

I just saw Sean the other night and he has like 5 Boy Crush splits left so also go see him live

FYI we made 200 SALT tapes, I would say only 10 or so left my hands

I would like to buy salt as well

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Seriously, this is one of the most confusing threads on this site

OT fanboys are a whole different breed of collector. There is no rhyme or reason to their actions, they just want anything that's related to the label.

I also find it funny that the BT guy has said multiple times that he's not selling those tapes yet everyone is already trying to get in line.

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Things have improved. I received a response quickly.

Still no response after i emailed on the 14th :( I just want the tapes/vinyl I'm not even upset as long as I can eventually receive my order. I even messaged Alex G an rl Kelly and they said they would pass my info along to warren.

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