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my friend has the race tape and upon first glance I was like "that one on ebay is real for sure"

but I just looked at a picture of the tape he took and the "G" in alex G is definitely a different font


given, this press was already bootleg and ghetto as hell, so its possible the dude making them just didn't print all the labels at once and had to re-make them or something but


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Took quick pics of mine, ordered from the Gold Soundz website back in the day. Could be a very convincing fake, I suppose – the j-card in mine is ill-fitting and shows printer streaks. However, since my tape is in the 90s (were only 2 left when i ordered it), I'm assuming GS might've had to hastily print the last few j-cards and cut corners. Pretty sure this posting is legit, though.


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Ok chiming in here...  I bought a copy of this tape from this same seller two days ago on discogs.


I had received no invoice and messaged him to say, hey so I guess you're not selling this since you now have it listed on ebay.


He replied to say, hey no I have two of them and sent the invoice along, haha.


I already own a copy of RACE (was grabbing the discogs copy because it was listed so cheap), mine is #'d 96/100.  I agree with the points mentioned above re: the ebay copy:


1.  My copy is also #'d in Sharpie (not pen as in the ebay photo)

2.  The noticeable font differences in my opinion are most visible on the E's (the middle of the E doesn't extend as far on the ebay picture) and on the A's (left side of the A is thinner on the ebay photo).

3.  The spine of the j-card on my copy is also white as mentioned above and not blue.

4.  Seems odd that this seller would randomly have multiple copies...  sell one first on discogs at a very reasonable price, then list it later on ebay where the price is bound to jump up...  now try to sell both "copies".

5.  Also, the ebay photo doesn't appear to show any insert and my copy has a pretty thick (after it's been folded up) lyric insert


I'm not planning to pay the invoice, as this seems suspect to me...  bid with caution on that ebay copy y'all.

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