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Jakob Thread: LP5 Hype Edition

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Oh damn. Black is pressed at 45rpm. May just go for the best sounding at some point.

Pretty sure they are all 45 since they are all 2xlp, they are just saying they HAVE black.


"So we have pressed this monster up as a 45rpm 2xLP to ensure there was no loss of low end frequencies, or overall feel. We've also made audiophile black vinyl an option, as black vinyl always sounds the best."

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For some reason I am having a really hard time pulling the trigger on this. I know the music is going to be good, but those prices. The $60 test of 50 is what is sticking in my craw. As stupid as it sounds, it's the fact that they are actually calling it a "test" that bothers me. The collector in me wants it because it's the most limited... Records these days are getting too damn expensive. This is not limited to the Sheath, of course. I guess I've just been spending too much money on less records. Look for a for sale thread from me soon! Happy buying everyone :).

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yeah i feel you man.  its obviously not a true test pressing since no one would make 50 tests for a run of 1000, but theres no way to justify such a big price point on it by just calling it a run of /50 (although i have seen some releases do this, diarrhea planet comes to mind) so here we are.  id actually rather have a shot at owning a real "test" press than these, but i do like the screen printing and limited nature of these copies.


one thing i like is that selling these allows TMS to significantly increase their profit margin on this release, and that helps them continue to put out great limited runs by great bands.  im happy to contribute to that, and get something collectable in return.

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