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So a while back I purchased the bootleg version of Beyonce's latest album and since they've recently officially pressed it, I would LOVE to get rid of this. Clearly I have no use for a bootleg if I have the real deal. Also, this might not help my post... but maybe someone is looking to get a copy? Idk.


Anyways, a couple of things first:


1. It's a bootleg.

2. Because it's a bootleg, the track order is different than that of the actual release (just FYI).

3. This is the worst part about it: Whoever decided to press this bootleg fucked up one of the sides of the record on the press while it was being made. I'm not super informed on how records are pressed and made, however I do have a good idea, and this particular side (featuring Drunk In Love, go figure) is slightly OFF the center. Meaning, when the record spins on this side, you can literally watch the needle SWAY about a centimeter. So as you can probably guess, the songs go a little out of tune every couple of seconds. This only affects ONE side but obviously it basically ruined this press.

4. It's hand numbered out of /1000, I forgot the actual number I have.


SO... that said, I think with shipping I paid about $47 for this thing since it came from Germany. I would like to get at least $25ppd (list price before shipping) as to not totally break me from this poor investment. If anyone on here wants this thing, PM me or if you would like to trade, I'll take it for anything off of my WANT tradelist, which you can find here:




I know this isn't a deal but I thought I'd see if anyone wanted it before I throw it up on ebay. Just trying to make back a little of what I lost from it. If you think the price is unfair shoot me a PM and maybe we can work something out.


ALSO FYI: I know a couple other people with this bootleg and apparently all of them were pressed this way. Aside from the shoddy workmanship, everything is brand new. All three other sides sound "fine" (it is a bootleg, so I assume it wasn't used with mastered cuts for vinyl and is probably an mp3 rip). 


Thanks for looking!

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