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I see Rob Halford's new Christmas album 'Celestial', which will be released in a 1,500 limited / signed / colored vinyl edition, has already sold out on his website.  Scalpers are asking $150 on Ebay - good luck with that ...


The new song is pretty good, btw, IMO.


Rob Halford online storefront


EBay listings for the signed Rob Halford vinyl




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Title Fight - Kingston 7” Original Test Press on Flight Plan Limited to 10


RZL DZL -5 Test Press Limited to 8

Tegan and Sara balaclava from “Back In Your Head” video shoot


Tons of other gems



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I'm slowly working on selling off a large portion of my collection.  I'll be adding a bunch of stuff to my eBay page throughout the next couple of months.  Here are some of the things that I'm posting this week:


The Fordists -Watch You (Green)

P.S. Eliot -Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds (Red)

Iron Chic -The Constant One (Orange)

Real Friends -Everyone That Dragged You Here (Red/Black)

MC5 -Kick Out the Jams (180g)


Those are up now.  The next batch I'm working on includes the following:


Weatherbox -Flies in All Directions

Transplants -In A Warzone (Clear)

The Wonder Years -Upsides (Green)

This Time Next Year -Drop Out of Life

James Blake -Enough Thunder

Banquets -Top Button, Bottom Shelf

Real Friends -Put Yourself Back Together

Good Luck -Into Lake Griffy

Knuckle Puck -The Weight That You Buried

Dikembe -Broad Shoulders

Dikembe -Mediumship

Mike Adams At His Honest Weight -Best of Boiler Room Classics (17/50 RSD)

Signals Midwest -Latitudes and Longitudes

Jimmy Eat World -Invented

Hold Tight -Can't Take This Away

Hold Tight -Blizzard of 96

P.S. Eliot -Sadie

Silverstein -Arrivals and Departures


I'll keep adding more as I keep going through them.


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Selling a cool one from my collection:

 blink-182 - The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show (Hot Topic Limited Edition Splatter): Just listed. Ends next Saturday just before 7 pm EST.

Just listed. Ends next Saturday just before 7 pm EST.

The Wonder Years - The Upsides (2nd Pressing Hot Topic Limited Edition Color Vinyl): Just listed. Ends next Saturday just before 7:45 pm EST.

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I have some very rare Vogue Picture Records listed for sale as auctions on eBay.  I am going to be listing several more soon including some even rarer ones...


One of the records is a 12” promo and is only at $117.50 at the moment but the only auction I could find it sold for $1,850 (https://www.popsike.com/S100Vogue-Picture-Record-Vogue-Recording-Orchestra/310117404081.html)


Here are the links for the Vogue Picture Records no-reserve auctions:






Here are links to some rare foreign 78’s I have listed as no-reserve auctions












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ryan adams stuff

angels ep (signed by Ryan, Caitlin, and Skillet)


blank label 


gold (red/blue vinyl)


califorina 7


now that you’re gone 7



rescue blues 7


two 7 (signed by Ryan and the cardinals)


patty duke syndrome yellow 7


patty duke syndrome black 7


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