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Anyone want to buy complete collection of over 2,200 vinyl LP's, incl. rock, rap, hip-hop & more

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This post is not a spoof, a joke or a scam but is absolutely 100% authentic in its entirety. My name is David and I am a middle aged collector and former DJ who traveled extensively around the globe when I was younger playing out and digging bins and crates and thru others collections for a lifetime. Now, as I am getting older, my children, who are adults themselves do not share the passion or dedication or interest in vinyl records as I do, so, to the right individual, I am willing to discuss the sale of. my complete vinyl record collection that has taken me 40 years to acquire. From 1920's Jazz ie, Duke Ellington, to Dizzie Gullespie, on thru the 30's, 40's 50's 60's 70's 80's 90 and into the new millennium I have it all. Classic rock,to Blues, Hip Hop, Rap, House, Trance Techno, From A-Z I have been an eclectic collector and am looking to find a special person to take over my legacy and obsession of vinyl. I will not turn this over to just anyone as many are rare, unopened LP's like Michael Jackson's 1st release of THRILLER, or Rolling Stones 1st releases, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad, Cream, The Doors and MANY MANY more. Price will be discussed over a phone call to determine your seriousness and level of interest. If you are a pro DJ or producer that wants sounds and songs from 90 years of music in all genres in one place without flying round the globe to source them from every record store from New York to LA to all points in England and abroad in Europe then you will absolutely need to get your hands on this definitive all encompassing collection spanning several generations. To inquire about the above stated collection, please send me a response by e-mail or leave a comment here on this board. Thank you for your time and interest. :)

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