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Old Man Gloom - Ape of God (Nov 11)

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Old Man Gloom have a new album coming out on Nov 11th called "Ape of God". Profound Lore will issue the CD, SIGE Records will release the vinyl, and Daymare will release the album in Japan. Additionally, there is an Old Man Gloom "Here is a Gift for You" directed by Kenneth Thomas that will be circulating later this fall. You can view a trailer for that here.




Also of note to me, Mammifer and Ides of Gemini news in that link. Last OMG record killed, so I have high hopes.

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Found this posted on VLV about there being two records:


APE OF GOD I [www.amazon.com] » 
1. Eden's Gates (6:31)
2. Promise (5:04)
3. Shoulder Meat (8:51)
4. Fist Of Fury (2:26)
5. Simia Dei (3:30)
6. The Lash (6:55)
7. Never Enter (3:01)
8. After You're Dead 7:22)

APE OF GOD II [www.amazon.com] » 
1. Burden (13:25)
2. Predators (6:48)
3. A Hideous Nightmare Lie Upon The World (12:12)
4. Arrows To Our Hearts (14:24)

2014 release from one of the most inventive and influential bands in the post-hardcore/post-metal/experimental scene. THE APE OF GOD is presented as two separate albums, each with its own unique set of songs. Formed in the late '90s in the wasteland desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico, by Aaron Turner (Isis, Mamiffer) and drummer Santos Montano, Old Man Gloom began as a simple side project and evolved into something of grandeur. Now, Old Man Gloom presents THE APE OF GOD. Delivering some of the mightiest and most epic material the group has conjured, it will stand as a highlight in their singular repertoire. In the true fashion of one of heavy music's most intriguing acts, THE APE OF GOD balances colossal heaviness, experimental/ambient noise and a unique aesthetic presentation.

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So according to a facebook post

"Guess what, assholes. The Ape Of God is two entirely different albums. If you downloaded some leaked shit, you don't have either. You have some bogus version we gave to press, cuz we knew those jerks would leak it (if you reviewed that fake record positively, thank you. We're just THAT good).
We will always trick you.
We will always trick you.
We will always trick you."


That is quite interesting

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