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The Honorary Title - Anything Else But the Truth (ETR046)

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To celebrate 15 years since the release of the self titled THT ep- we are gonna play a show on June 1 at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Tickets are on sale 10am PST this Friday at the link below. We will play Anything Else But the Truth in its entirety as well as the ep. There’s some overlap there- but you get it. This is the only show on the books nothing else planned for now. It’s been a minute and the timing feels right. Should be fun and hopefully make some people in the Los Angeles area happy while pissing off a bunch of others. We will have the EP reissued on vinyl available at the show. To top off the Doghouse nostalgia - Limbeck will be joining the bill.







The EP reissue will be done by ETR and looking like a May release date.

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