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PO: WOLF BLOOD S/T -Doom from MN -Debut on Burning World records 8/27

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I got a confirmation from Burning World that the pressing numbers are:


300 Black


100 Gold EU


100 Red(formerly known as white)


Just found new numbers. Who the hell knows which is actually correct?


"Numbers are: 100 gold, 150 red, 250 black. All include a cd."

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Gold is EU. That is bizarre that now there is red. I will get to the bottom of this. I definitely ordered a white:

1x Wolf Blood - S/T - White vinyl - Pre-order for $19.98 each

I wonder if it was switched or they did an extra color or...? Jim Rockford on the case.

Outer Battery's website says there is no white and that it was replaced with red.

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NEW Wolf Blood vinyl!  

We’re crowd funding this release so it needs to hit the target to get pressed.  Please share, thx!


New PO- WOLF BLOOD  May 1st. 



Minneapolis band WOLF BLOOD are heading back into the studio this July to finish they’re long awaited 2nd album.  To tide fans over till then they’ll release a limited run 12” single for the haunting track “Tsunami” on colored vinyl.  Backed by the crushing brand new song “Home”.   Pre-orders start May 1st through Qrates.com and run until May 30th.   Stream both songs at wolfblood666.bandcamp.com starting May 1st.



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