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Gifts From Enola: A Healthy Fear 2xLP /300 Navy Blue -- ALL SOLD

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Hey, so it's not just starving students, but anyone interested... 



Instead of another giveaway, I'm just marking these way down for those who wanted but couldn't swing the bit extra, or wanted to branch out a bit. $9.99 unless otherwise marked.


These may be duplicates I bought or part of package deals that I haven't played, so they need a home to do what records are supposed to do:  be played, and loudly! (well maybe not Siggy Hill)  :)


Not here to make money on shipping, I have lots of mailers that are in great shape to invert or recycle and I pack them with care. Usually it's a little over $3 for a single LP and $3.50 for 2xLP. If you get more, I will weigh them and it's actual shipping cost.



1. Palms: S/T 2xLP /1500 Red  (Chino, Alternative, many hooks and some great videos)


2. East Of The Wall:  Redaction Artifacts 2xLP /350 Black  (kicking Neo Prog with vocals, good  stuff)


3. Signal Hill:  Chase The Ghost 2xLP /150 White  (mellow jazzy PostRock like The Mercury Program without vibraphone or early Maserati) Pending


4. Have A Nice Life:  The Unnatural World LP /Black  - bought as a playing copy, but ended up playing the /300 Oxblood Haze a couple of times. 


5. Russian Circles: Empros LP Black (sealed)


6. Chelsea Wolfe: Unknown Rooms...Acoustic Songs (sealed)


7. Gifts From Enola Caravels Split 'Well Worn' LP /100 Clear Gold (jacket is VG) $7.99 Pending


8. Gifts From Enola: A Healthy Fear 2xLP  /300 Navy Blue - $9.99  + $3.50 shipping


9. Red Sparowes: Aphorisms LP Translucent Orange (sealed)


10. Braveyoung:  The Dust will Praise You EP /100 Black, but not one the /50 with extra artwork or goodies - $5.99 (mellow postrock, mini-orchestral)


11. toe: For Long Tomorrow LP /400 Olive 1st press Pending



Thanks to all who post on the boards re: PO updates and donate their time to staying on top of things for the rest of us  :)

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still some steals, but I'm no pusher :)


won't be bumped forever.


if you're short on cash right now but want me to hold something a couple of weeks, shoot me a PM


and those who haven't paid yet, just a ball park idea is fine.


all paid up's will hopefully go out tomorrow at the big city PO since I'm there every Tuesday.

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Duuude how'd I miss this! I can't bite right now anyway, someone snatch this up!



A Healthy Fear for under $14 shipped is CRIMINAL. Hail the almighty Don!!!

Someone snatch that sucker! One of my favorite albums in the last 3 years!



How did I need see this post? I guess I've been good about not buying stuff before my move. ;)


Someone buy that GFE. 

NOW! Plus Don is the best.


Thanks my friends! It is now going to a new home... :)  and so far everyone is happy with the new jamz.


And thanks to all the folks who post PO's/ new rec's/ and their experiences with sellers, pressings, info that make this place a once or twice daily stop for me.

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