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OUT NOW: Pianos Become the Teeth - Keep You (10/28/2014)

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TLLA is one of my favorite albums ever. Old Pride is enjoyable, but the production keeps me from listening consistently. Well I don't know if that's what to call it. I just don't think Kyle's screams sound as good. Too high pitched almost. But Keep You is still a consistent listen for me as well. Incredible album front to back. If I'm in more of a mellow mood, I'll put that on.

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FINALLY. The clip  sounds like it's from the song "Charisma" that they've been playing live for roughly a year. There's a few crappy recordings on YouTube, but they definitely don't do the song justice. It's definitely much more driving/upbeat than anything on Keep You, as the clip implies. Really looking forward to hearing the studio version.

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