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What's your White Whale record?

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On 10/24/2017 at 9:54 PM, KnifeStreet said:

Crazy, but a few posts above this one is also my white whale, Killwhitneydead’s So Pretty, So Plastic.  I took a hiatus from collecting that started before the release and ended after the remaining stock was found. I’ve been friends on Facebook with Matt from Tribunal since putting KWD and The Demonstration up after a show, and although he searched high and low for another copy for me,  I was out of luck. Found a copy the other night on Discogs and immediately hit the buy button,  but sadly got a reply the next morning that the seller just deactivated his account and half of his records were no longer available. That one included. 


If I had to pick a second whale, Cave In’s Beyond Hypothermia. I had a copy each on grey and purple, but not anymore. Gotta get one back someday. 

Since this post, I managed to land a copy of both the KWD LP, and Cave In’s Beyond Hypothermia on grey, so my white whale has changed!  


Toughest find for me right now is a copy of Slip It In by Black Flag on transparent red vinyl.  Bought two copies thus far on Discogs, but they were both on black, just mislabeled on the site.  Second one was an especially rough transaction because I even emailed and inquired in advance to be sure t was red (it wasn’t.) Returned them immediately, and the hunt continues!


Runner up has to be the friends & family variant of Converge’s The Dusk In Us LP on clear vinyl with rainbow splatter.  Haven’t seen a single copy for sale anywhere. 

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