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I am interested in any Bastille, The Killers, and Grizfolk. If anyone has any of those please let me know! I really would like to have the complete Bastille vinyl collection evenutally.

I am a student though so I'm not really able to spend in the hundreds for individual vinyl.

For The Killers I'm looking for Day & Age especially

As of right now, I already have

Bastille -

things we lost in the fire 7" single

overjoyed 7" single

laura palmer 7" single


bad blood (album)


oblivion 7" single

I'm hoping to get the grizfolk "the struggle" single (a-side the struggle, b-side cosmic angel live at Capitol studios)

Thanks!! :)

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First off, welcome to the boards!


Secondly, I don't really have anything to offer, but I have some good news! A lot of the releases you'd likely be looking for, especially if you're relatively new to the vinyl scene, are more than likely available for retail prices on Amazon, Discogs, eBay, etc., and in indie stores (provided you have one or a few in your area) and places like F.Y.E and Urban Outfitters. In fact, just about everything except certain Killers and Anberlin titles (and one or two Bastille singles) are going to be available in stores and on those other sites I mentioned before. That'd be the best place to start, since a lot of the folks who post here aren't really keen on selling to people who just made their account today, myself included.


That said, stick around and post more in the other subforums, gain a good reputation and some cool points, and more people might be willing to cut some deals on the more expensive items on your to-buy list.


I hope this helps!  :)

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