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PO: Volunteer "Goner" 10" ltd to 300 (members of Forstella Ford, Traitors)

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Milwaukee's VOLUNTEER harks back to the days when music could be heavy without being "metal"; when power came from the intensity with which a band's members played, not from volume, effects, or theatrics. VOLUNTEER's new 4 song 10" Goner perfectly encapsulates their ethos - brutal riffs hammered out with a directness that defies classification or easy comparisons. But hey, if you want to try, think Unsane, The Melvins, Young Widows, Helmet, The Jesus Lizard, etc. 


Goner is a 4-song 10" on red/black OR pure black vinyl pressed in the US by United Record Pressing. Hand screen-printed cover. Includes digital download card. Only 200 red/black copies and 100 black copies were pressed. 


Stream the whole thing now! And hey, there's a Jawbreaker cover on here, ya know.  







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