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PO: Polyvinyl 4-Track Singles Series (2015)

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2015 Polyvinyl 4-Track Singles Series Subscription On Sale Now!


Today we are incredibly excited to announce the 2015 Polyvinyl 4-Track Singles Series!  

The 2014 series sold out before we even mailed out the first 7", but since you signed up to learn more about next year we're offering you the first chance to subscribe to the 2015 series during a limited time "blind sale" before we announce the full artist line-up next month.

While they last, Blind Sale subscriptions are just $100 (including free first class US shipping).

Like the 2014 series, you'll get an exclusive new 2-song 7" each month from January to December -- all recorded on the same four-track tape machine. Plus, you'll get a custom designed box to hold your 7"s and a special poster -- all designed by critically acclaimed artist Jesse LeDoux (http://ledouxville.com)

Are you as excited as us? Head here to subscribe now!

P.S. You can keep this sale a secret, but also feel free to share with a friend. We won't be mad if you do :-)

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If anyone wants to go in on this with me and split it let me know! I really only want the ducktails 7" but would split the set with someone who is really interested in some of the other artists. Also if anyone gets this and doesn't want Ducktails let me know :)

I only want the Bazan single. If we can get a few more people in on this, we can part out one set and save some $$$.

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