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Bought the Beatles Mono Box Set....Found an Issue with mine

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Hey guys, new to the board so just thought I would start off by saying hey and hope everyone is doing good.


I ordered the Beatles Mono vinyl box set off of Amazon and it came in today. 


As I was unwrapping each of the albums, I got to Sgt Peppers and it looked fine at first, but when I flipped to the B side, it is labeled as the "Help!" B Side....i.e. all the songs on the B side of my Sgt Peppers album are labeled as the following:


"1. Act Naturally

2. It's Only Love

3. You Like Me Too Much

4. Tell Me What You See

5. I've Just Seen a Face

6. Yesterday

7. Dizzy Miss Lizzy"


1966 Copyright and everything.  It is literally just the Help! B-Side printed on my Sgt Peppers copy.  Not sure what to do about this.  In a way I think it is kind of cool as I have never really gotten a goofed up model of anything (kinda like getting a rare baseball card with a mistake on it), on the other hand, I want to have everything in order, so I might just go get the individual copy of Sgt Peppers from the local place.


Anyone else noticed this problem on theirs yet?

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