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SS: Blink, Circa, Code Orange, TDWP, Seahaven, Man Overboard, TSSF, Dads, Algernon, Underoath, DY

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Prices plus shipping.  $4  LP  $5  2xLP or 180g  $3 cassette


I'll figure out shipping on bundles, shouldn't reach more than $8.50 continental US.  International is anywhere from $15-25 or more depending


brand new tdag triple crown 1st white $80

calculator these roots black $18

calculator these roots black cream mix $24

circa on letting go 3rd blue $35

code orange love is love white $18

copeland eat sleep repeat clear w/ black smoke $38

tdwp plagues purple $65

diamond don't lose your cool 2nd cyan $18

diamond youth orange w splat $38

elliot rsd clear $18

finch what it is 2xlp turquoise $22

linkin park rsd + 10" $50

seahaven ghost 3rd clear/black $18

seahaven ghost 3rd black/blue  $18

state faults desolate peaks beige $18

trouble coast awake and empty black/blue $16

underoath changing of times clear 180-gram $20

algernon some kind of cadwallader security blanket $50

algernon some kind of cadwallader be happy $35

balance only boundaries 3rd white $20

dads american radass tape 2nd green $20

man overboard real talk 1st yellow $30

man overboard before we met gatefold splatter $25

man overboard before we met gatefold haze $25

the story so far what you don't see tour cover $55

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I got the last cream calc record for like $10 from the band a few months ago and was stoked to get it, unfortunately my mailman dropped it over my gate and it fell 6 feet on an edge and cracked a huge 3 song ruining piece out of it.

just wondering, was it only cream or black/cream?  Either way, if you want the black or black/cream I'll discount for you

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