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I'm a HUGE fan of The Offspring and I'm wondering if anyone is selling any of the following bootlegs:


Americana 2000

Americana Tour 2000

Arenes De Nimes


Best Millennium

Best Of...

"Come Out & Play" (cover w/ Noodles' glasses)

Elysee Montmartre 2000

Forgiven Flesh Pit

In The Fucking Front Of The Stage

Irvine Meadows

Kick Him

Live (psychedelic cover)

Live At Shepherds Bush

Live In Concert

Live In France

Live In London

Lost Punk Hits! (Vinyl)

Memphis 1994

Perth '97

Platinum Collection '99

Pretty Flies In America

Punk Riot

Rebelling Teens

Secret Gig

Splinter In South America


The Cockpit 2001

The Punk Rock Sessions

Then & Now

They Were Born To Kill (Grey 7")


I will pay top dollar for anything on this list!

See something not listed? Message me and I'll let you know if I'm looking for it or not!


Thank you!

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Are you just looking for the audio or are these all cds or vinyl?
If they're cds, I assume someone somewhere at some time just burned cds and printed the art, right?
If that's the case, get yourself an account online for the torrenting sites Dimeadozen, The Traders Den and Zomb.
I'm pretty certain you can just download the shows yourself and print the cover art scans and save yourself a ton of money.
The vinyl boots are a different story, but if it's cds you're after, just download and burn.
The band never sees that money, anyways, you know?
Let me know if you have any trouble pursuing the live music torrenting... that shit's all legal unless the band explicitly forbids it (so, basically just Metallica) and I definitely have gotten some Offspring stuff on there (pretty much Ignition and Smash era only, though) so I could hook you up with that stuff.

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