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Help My Friend Sale - IIOI, NFG, TWY, and more. (update 10/15)


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So a good friend of mine is having some trouble. Not to get into to much detail, she was living with her father in New Jersey and left to stay with a friend in Oregon because of some.. unpleasantness.

Now she's having trouble finding work in Oregon and is trying to move back here to Florida. Any funds from records sold here will go towards her plane ticket.

The only way she's been making money has been by doing tarot readings online. If anyone is interested in that, PM me and I can forward you her website info. Thanks!

I'm limited on mailers so I can only sell to a few people, but every bit helps!

All prices ppd. USA only and add 3% if not sending as gift.

If you buy more than one, take $2 off the price of each one you buy.

I Am The Avalanche - Wolverines - Black/White Marble /200 - $15

Into It. Over It. - Twelve Towns - Blue w/ Red /300 3rd Pressing - $14

Koji - Crooked In My Mind - Pink w/ White /300 - $13

New Found Glory - Kill It Live - Yellow /300 - $17

Rise Against - Revolutions Per Minute (RPM 10) - White - $14

Rust Belt Lights - Religion & My Ex - Light Grey /100 - $13

Thursday - Full Collapse - Blue - /625 - $16

Various Artists - The Songs Of Tony Sly: A Tribute - Clear - $16

Wonder Years, The - The Greatest Generation - Red /3000 - $15

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