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F/S:TMV,refused,deftones,nirvana,pearl jam,soul asylum,afghan whigs,scream,hc ,metal records

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Shipped from europe,or if you can wait i can ship them within the US from end of this month.hit me up with offers, thanks.



Afghan whigs:conjure me 7" red/pinkish vinyl

Deftones-Rocket skate ,RSD2010 press white vinyl

Foo fighters:best of you 7" 

In cold blood-s/t 7" black vinyl 

Me first and the gimme gimmes: billy 7" army green vinyl 

My chemical romance: helena 7" picture disc

Off with their heads/four letter word split 7" gold vinyl/500 1st press

Pulling teeth/frightener split 7" black/gold vinyl/150

Spirit 84:beyond the call of friendship 7" black/white limited cover, black vinyl

Transplants: thougs and gangsters glow in the dark vinyl with foldout poster sleeve 7" 

v/a: youth crew 08 comp 7" white vinyl (true colors,mindset,fired up!,one voice,etc)/250

v/a:more than x on our hands -worldwide sxe comp 6x7" box




An albatross: eat lightning shit thunder ! 12" tour press on red vinyl/85

Austin lucas:somebody loves you lp gold/500

Die kreuzen :century days lp gatefold 

Deftones:s/t lp og press

Integrity:palm sunday lp red vinyl only ,lim to 500 on aurora borealis

Kreator:terrible certainty lp noise records press

Kreator:extreme aggression picture disc og press

Mars volta,the: inertiatic esp 10" blue vinyl,numbered

Mars volta,the:frances the mute 12" green marble vinyl

Pantera:hostile moments 12" gatefold

Soul asylum:grave dancers union lp og press

Time in malta: construct and demolish lp clear vinyl 

Youth of today: breakdown the walls lp 97 press on black vinyl

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