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Updated again! Everything that's sold was removed. Everything left needs to go! Everything is NM/M unless otherwise stated. Contact me for photos, shipping calculation, offers, etc.


Andrew Jackson Jihad & Ghost Mice - black - 1st press $8

Andrew Jackson Jihad - Holiday In Gainesville - white /110 $14

Portugal. The Man - Waiter: "You Vultures!" - clear / black splatter /200 $30

Portugal. The Man - In The Mountain In The Cloud - white - $12

Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends $12

Portugal. The Man - American Ghetto $10

Portugal. The Man - Church Mouth - chocolate w/ cream /250 $30

Thrice - Artist In the Ambulance - white /1500 - original press $50

Thrice - Vheissu - /1000 - original press $50

Vinnie Caruana - City By The Sea - gold /300 $15

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Damn, you guys.  This was one of the best/smoothiest transactions that I have ever had on VC.  Arrived super fast, packaged nicely and the communication was soooo easy.


Fully backed by MOM!

Glad to hear it, thanks man. And thanks again to everyone who's bought anything so far; I've moved about forty records in the last two weeks and y'all have been a huge help!

Just a fewwwww left!

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