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FS: One Year Later TP, DFHVN Tour Exclusive, Veronica Falls + More & Some DVDs!

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I have some random stuff that I am unloading because I would like to buy some other random stuff...and my paypal balance is currently at zero dollars.


Once I have enough funds to grab the items on my wish list, many items on this list will stop being for sale because I am a hoarder and hesitate to sell things! 


If there is a price listed, it does not include shipping, so please add $4 to that.  If there is no price, make me an offer and we can negotiate shipping into that.  If you buy multiples, I will do my best to make shipping free and - lastly - if you don't like a price, let's deal.  If you're interested in anything on my trade list, I will consider some offers from there as well:  trade list like whoa


Jonny Craig - "Find What You Love And Let It Kill You" Test Press #3/24 

One Year Later - "Life Between The Lies" Test Press #22/24 OFFER

Deafheaven - "Sunbather" (Black w/ Silver Splatter, Tour Exclusive) OFFER

Veronica Falls - "s/t" (Black) $18

Chiodos - "R2ME2/Let Me Get You A Towel" RSD 7"(Transparent Green) $5

Cave In - "Until Your Heart Stops" (Black, RSD) $20

Matt Pryor - "Confidence Man" (Coke Bottle Blue) $10

Botch - "We Are The Romans" (Black) $20

The Sound Of Animals Fighting - "Lover The Lord Has Left Us" (Black, 180g) $20 *sealed*

Jesu - "Opiate Sun" (Transparent Red) $10



The Office Season 1  $5

The Office Season 2  $5

The Office Season 3  $5

The Office Season 5  $5

All Four Seasons Of The Office:  $15

Grey's Anatomy Season 1  $4

Grey's Anatomy Season 2  $4

Both Seasons Of Grey's:  $5

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 4  $5

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 5  $5

Both Seasons Of It's Always Sunny:  $7

Glee Season 1:  $5

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