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PO: Hundredth - When Will We Surrender (First time on vinyl!)

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In celebration(?) of signing to Hopeless, Hundredth has announced that When Will We Surrender is being pressed for the first time on Clear w/White, Black and Gold Splatter vinyl!


Hopeless is also repressing their entire discography. PO's for Let Go and a CD featuring Revolt and Resist on one disc are also available.


PO's for vinyl are scheduled to ship 1/6/2015

CD's 12/2/2014


All merch:



WWWS vinyl (Clear w/White, Gold and Black Splatter):



Let Go vinyl (Half Cloudy Clear/Half Teal):



Resist vinyl (Black):


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Probably limited to 1,000, though could be as high as 1,500 or 2,000. However 1,000 is a pretty safe bet, especially with Hopeless.

It's limited to 1000 I'm pretty sure. With places like Merchnow you can put it in your cart then just type in 100000 and it will reduce the amount to how much they have in stock. It says 1k right now so I'm  not sure if they just haven't updated it or if there is an unofficial amount.

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I do that all the time to see how much of something is left on merchnow, and youre right it says 1000. it could however be one of those deals where they will make as many as people pre-order, then make maybe a couple hundred more for the people that missed out. Im not really worried these'll sell out

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