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SMLXL vinyl thread for Relient k

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That doesn't mean it's worth it, that just means it will always be expensive.

It doesn't seem that bad to me, and I've seen a lot of people who would love to own one of the other two records they've pressed, but can't afford the prices they go for years later. Better to get it now at it's lowest point.

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I asked the question about the 5 different album covers possibility for Two Lefts...and just received a response that said "we're working on it" and that he'd keep me posted.  Meanwhile, go snatch up the pre-order for Family Force 5's "Business Up Front, Party in the Back" that just went live here:



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I really hope they don't do 5 different covers for the album. That's a little extreme. They could do the one cover with all of the cars in the junkyard and have gatefold artwork that features the other covers inside the gatefold.

Agreed. I can't drop $125 on 5 different covers and I know the completist in me would want to

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