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PO: Spot (SST Recs) Photo Book & 7-inch

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Thought some people might be interested in this one.




Spot, the SST Records producer and engineer, is putting out a book of his photography from the 60s - 80s. Lots of crazy shots from the Southern California hardcore punk scene during its heyday. Black Flag, The Germs, etc. Book comes with a slipcase, poster, photo print, and silkscreened 7-inch. Looks like Ed Templeton did the slipcase artwork too.


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I'll have to look out for this Black Friday - it seems like you only get the 7" if you buy this from a record store


Yeah. You get the 7-inch if you either order it directly from the publisher or buy it from a record store. You get more bang for your buck from Sinecure though, since record shops aren't carrying the edition with the slipcase, poster, etc.

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