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PO: The City on Film - La Vella

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I didn't see this posted anywhere yet so figured i'd make a thread. This week we announced that we'd be releasing a full length for Bob Nanna's solo project The City on Film in December called La Vella. You can check out a track via BrooklynVegan here: http://tpshlf.co/1u8ztlP and can pre order the album here: http://tpshlf.co/1E36C3J



Track List:
  1. You Wild Thing (An Illuminous Life)
  2. Noise Machines
  3. Take the Ghosts
  4. I Blindly
  5. Remember To Breathe
  6. Stray
  7. Kill It!
  8. ZZZ
  9. Easy Living Rooms
  10. NY Movie
  11. Andorra La Vella

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Heads up: Bob is selling a tour press of this on his current tour with Gates and Young Statues. It's limited to 50 and hand-numbered.

Glad you posted this because I forgot to after I picked this up. This is a great tour so people should definitely 1) go and 2) pick this and a bunch of other awesome stuff up.

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Has anyone received this yet? Emailed them about it and got no response. Says it was supposed to go out in December, but still haven't gotten mine.

I emailed them about it as well and got a response. With their move going on and whatnot they should be shipping sometime before the end of this month.

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