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Out Nov 28th Prawn "Settled" 7" and Kingfisher Deluxe Digital Release

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Out on November 28th is Prawn's "Settled" which is an exclusive 7" which includes 2 B-sides from Kingfisher (an amazing album if you didn't know) and Topshelf will release a digital deluxe edition of Kingfisher on Nov 25th.




There isn't much info on whether or not we can order online through Topshelf or just get it on Black Friday at record stores but if anything else is announced I'll update the OP.

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Fuck it, $12 but at least I know I'll get it. My local store only carries the most pretentious brand of indie rock, never any love for most of the bands/labels I'm into.


Yep. I just don't feel like getting up and driving around on Black Friday to find ANYTHING anymore. It's worth a couple of extra bucks to just have it delivered to my door.

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So we still don't know about the webstore?




These guys were robbed last night :(

This sucks, anybody see any specific instructions on how to help out? I believe when another TSR band got robbed recently you could buy directly from them and TSR gave them a larger than normal cut.

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