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The STAR WARS Thread

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A bunch of coworkers were freaking out because one of the girls at work had never seen any of the Star Wars movies. They turned to me like "Brucewillisisdead, can you believe this!?! Tell her she needs to see them immediately!" They were really confused when my response was "How old are you? 21? Yeah, you're probably good never watching them if you haven't seen them yet."

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There's a fan made one that people thought was real.

Suckers. Can't wait for the teaser. Was legitimately considering driving 3-4 hours to Nashville to see it in one of the theaters playing it in front of every movie all weekend. Then after the trailer I likely would've left and gone over to the theater playing Interstellar in 70mm IMAX. But I'll settle for being lazy and watching it at home.

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